Elephant Butte Lake was calling these two

Ole Geese Home

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Confesssion is good for the Spirit

About the time I was ready to start the Log my 'Puter' logic board went kaput and I lost most of non Apple software which included Deamwaaver which is the software we use to publish this and the other web sites where I'm the volunteeer webmaster. Now all is well at the Ribble House, and so I'm just now publishing the last leg on our Philidelpjia Trip.

We stopped in Hedgesville West Virginia and visited with Richarr and Becky Almeter, Dottie's niece. What a charming little property they have purchased on one of the thousand creeks in WV, and it flows right through the middle of their 8 acres.

Almeter Home(download)

Form the balcony of the house I was able to catch these two photos. this of the fawn drinkig at the pond I believe to be the best wildlife picture I've ever captured. I've entered it to a Photo blog and will see how my peers judge my opinion


Almost every evening we would see this flock of wild turkesy grazing across the lower are below the pond. What a thrill it is to catch wild turkeys, but it was duck soup being I could set up on the balcony and just wait.





My Grandmother Ribble was a Chandler and so as we mosey home we stoppedin Lousiville, KY and attende the Chandler Family Association meeting. It was their 25 anniversary meeting. We met a number of great 'Cousins' and what a delight to study the lieanage of our Family back to Youngstowns settlement in the 1600's. Oh! yes, our family roots run deep and that is a warm feeling. We took a river boat tourn one evening and I particularlly liked this photo of the new Lousiville Cable suspension bridge being built across the Ohio River.


Paddle Wheel

Louisville Horse Farm.

Aztteca and Morgan.

We left Louisville and stopped in St Louis and spent the night with Renee and James and were then off to Colorado to see Carson, Leann and Kylee.

we had a rather interesting event while we wre there. Leann and her Mother Diane were going to a Breeding Horse Auction near Loveland. So we hitched our the camera and off Dottie and I were with them. The Breedeer was auctioning off some 50 brood mares, and most were in fold. They were primarly Anstciza stock, and were bred to Azteca stallions.

What fantastic animals. Look at this beautiful animal and how proud is his owner.

Azteca Stallion


Blook Moone \

Hourse auction

Azteca (2 oer 3) referrence to Azteca tower in Mzatlan.

Blood Moon

This was a very difficule picture to take. first of all we had some low skud clouds moving acroos the sky so it was a matter of shooting inbetween them. The at the full Blood moon it was total darkness in the sky. The moon is moving across the horizion, and so it was guess wher in the heck it might be and take a some shots, then repeat again. Hoping that some of them caputred the moon.

Bingo Blood Moon

next occurance in 2033 and I want these to compare to those to come.

Antleope greeting us when back in New Mexico.








Norm & Dottie