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2015 East Coast to Philadelphia

We have had the priveldge of bing in Philadelphia a couple of times previously, but only to a night so so. This was to be our anchor point for this trip and we planned on spending at least two weeks in Philadelphia and the area. the visit exceeded our exceptions as you'll see in the Travel Logs.

We enjoyed a couple of cavorts this trip. Being we would be heading to the East Coast, why not spend a week or so in Green Bay and take in the starting training camp of the Packers. Would you believe that we went to their practices 6 time in the two weeks we had in the area.

We have volunteered for the PGA Tournament at Sheboygan WI on the Whisking Straights course. We have previously worked the US Senior Open and the PGA Tournament here in previous years and each was a delightful experience so we were keen on going again. There is some aura about working a major tournament and over the years if there were a tournament in the direction of our traveling we would volunteer. i.e. the US Open, Senior Open, Womens Open, the PGA or the Ryder Cup. We love it!

So our time with the Packers was shortened to make to Kohler and the Tournament. Oh! and we'd love to share these experiences with you.

Come on Willie start singing and let's get this show 'On the Road Again'