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We were here on September 16th, 2016


Arches National Park

We centered our travels at Moab, UT for both the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. It's only a few miles to The Arches and 20 or so on to the Canyonlands. Moab is a hot spot for recreation and tourism, and we were impressed with all the activity. There are 30 Hotels, Motels, and that many RV Parks, plus 30 businesses renting or selling ATV's, hiking and camping supplies. I mentioned earlier, that we did not expect large crowds this time of year; so we were really shocked when first making reservations to hear, "Sorry we're book that week." The KOA took nice care of us, but also filled nightly.

Too, at the National Park entrance gate it is was normal to be 30 or 40th in line to gain addmission. But in the same breath there are so many locations to visit, and it's spread over such a large area; that once in the park we never felt the push of the crowd and in fact just the opposite. We all Ooded and Awed together.

Being this National Park is the Arches then let's start with the tantalizing Arch scenery.

The Delicate Arch


When you see this word (download) underlined and in blue that indicates it is a hyper link to the full scale picture. When you open it you'll also see that your mouse pointer is a round plus sign, click again and the part of the photo where your pointer was will enlarge again. This is great if you might want to see more detail in a particular view. When you want to return to this page just tap the return arrow. Try it you might like it.


Note it was a little steeper climb that Miss Dottie anticipated.





Slot Canyon


To me this might well be the Delicate Arch being buried in the shadows of these giant walls, and yet here is just me the Little Ole Arch. 15

To me this might well be the Delicate Arch being buried in the shadows of these giant walls, and yet here is just me the Little Ole Arch.


Escaping from the walls back to the real world.


Skyline Arch



The Northern Window 26


Dottie caught in the shadows of the Arch, but note we're now using our walking sticks. They really help, we mature people, with our questionalbe balance. When asked we"ll tell others we use them for the extra exercise, but you know sometimes we fib a little.


More Arches

The Pot Hole Arch


WOW this photo centered with the Balancing Rock in the background.



With that you should get to see the Balancing Rock in its glory



The Double Arches



The Court House


The Three Gossips


The Fantasy Lands

These start immediately on passing the Visitor's Center, as one begins a steep and curving incline to the top of the escarpment. On our first time up the mountain we wanted to stop and grab a photo or two, but the turn outs were already full. In a little bit we learned the "Tenderfoots" didn't know that the next 25 miles were filled with expanded enhancements were yet to come.




11 (download)






We toured the Arches NP for over three days. Each sunset and sunrise brought new dimension to this fantastic venue. I began to ask myself, "When is enough enough;" and fortunately we never reached that point. We are inspired by the awesome splendor of the Colorado Plateau.

Thank Goodness, we don't have to move to start this next leg of this journey, as it's just up the road. I knew you'd like that, no re-packing the Winnie, leveling or hooking up. We'll just jump in the Chevy pickup and head up the Colorado River then over to the Canyonlands.

You're still coming aren't you? Why Not!

Come on Willie sing us another verse, and we’ll move on down the road.