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What a thrill it was for us to be invited to attend the wedding of Joann's, my sisters, grandson; and especially when the ceremonies were to be in the beautiful Carmel by the Sea in California. Please meet the Groom and Bride.

The beautiful Lauren Michiels and the handsome Zack Roybal.


Both of these two young people are graduates of TCU. Zack graduating from TCU with a BS in Mechanical Engineering 2012, and Lauren earning her degree from TCU in Writing in 2014. After their honeymoon they will reside in Midland, TX, the heart of the Permian Basin. The Greatest news to both Parents is that they are both gainfully employed!!

Zack's parents are Leonard and Candyce Roybal, and his grandfather is my life long friend Ron Ferreri. Lauren's parents, live in Carmel, are John and Melissa Michiels.


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Now to Monterey


We must share this picture of these Chinese Nationals we met while visiting the Bay. We happened to become friends, when I offered to take group picture of them on their iPhones. They were so impressed at this friendly gesture, that we immediately became fellow Travelers.

I gave them my card and offered to take several pictures of them with my camera, which I would emailed to them. The Ladies insisted that Dottie be in all their pictures. Oh! what genuine and beautiful people they were. By the way they did not speak any English nor we Chinese, so conversation was in Indian sign language. One of the gentlemen had a translator app on his phone,so besides giving him my card I talked into his phone; so that later he could listen to the translation. They may or may not get our pictures, but we loved welcoming these new friends to the US. They represented their Home Land well!








Of course we drove the 17 mile drive by Spyglass and Pebble Beach. I remembered to thank Dick Mason, who was the Associated Equipment Dealers President who held our Executive Board Meeting at Pebble Beach in about 1981. I admit that the 'Courses Won', but playing Pebbly Beach and Spyglass was a life time thrill.

We'll share these pictures of that 17 mile drive.


How about this setting with these beautiful Cypress Trees and the sand trapped green in the background. :"Keep it in the Short Grass'!


Every Coastal Golfer knows this green stuff, and it is not friendly stuff. This is 'Ice Plant' and feeds on Golf Balls, and also it is extremely tenacious about releasing them!


What beautiful clear water. Snorkeling Heaven!


Big Sur

On Friday, the 22nd, we drove down Hwy 1 on the south coast from Carmel to the area known as the Big Sur. This a very dramatic drive with some spectacular high palisades views. It reminded us very much of the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. Spectacular!





On this point a lady next to us exclaimed "Look, there is a helicopter and it just pulled some one out of the water". With the cloud formation against the bluff we couldn't see the helicopter; but searching with pealed eyes we found him. In these photo you cane see the coper, but you have to look just left and below dead center to see him.

I was shooting a Canon 24 ~ 70mm lens, and could only reach to the 70mm. This would have been fantastic with 200 or 400 mm lens.


Let me help you, and now you can see him clearly. Then we were able to identify that he was not picking up a person but filling a water bucket. Seeing the gentleman in the Hard Hat, we then surmised, that some of the clouds we were seeing were not just clouds and fog but smoke from a fire.


Leaving our pullout we drove down Hwy 1, and we discovered that we had been correct in the assumption of there being a forest fire. We found 10 or so fire Trucks parked on the side of the road; and then in the evening news it was noted that they had named it the Sobernas Fire, and announced it was about 200 acres in size.

Big Sur

WOW! What a view. (but do you see the home ?)


Let me help you again. Man, what a view and if you think the home is on a steep slope, you should have seen the access entrance. He better come home sober!


Carmel by the Sea

We stayed downtown in on old but picturesque hotel, The Pine Inn. It is located on Ocean Drive, which is on the main street in Carmel by the Sea.


h! so elegant and notice the stairs to the left. We walked them daily, as it was up three floors to our delightful room. An Elevator? Of Course Not!


What a elegant and delightful breakfast room with a terrific view.


Street Scenes around Carmel by the Sea




The Wedding


What a delight it was to be included in this wedding, and we were thrilled to have shared in the beauty of the Monterey Peninsula. It was as if we were the ones on the honeymoon. One can get caught up in the spender and beauty of Carmel; but let me share something more thrilling. These beautiful young people who came to participate with Lauren and Zack celebrating their vows. My Friends relax, the future of this nation will be in good hands. These 'Young Men and Women' are the beauty of life. God Bless them. A Wedding brings out the best is all of us!









Sobernas - Big Sur fire

But as you know from the national news, Thursday's little 200 acre fire had exploded and in 10 days had grown to over 40,000 acres and only 15%contained. Fifty Seven homes have been lost in the pristine coastal area, and 2,000 more are threatened .

When we were leaving the Peninsula we drove down Carmel Valley Road where I captured these three pictures of the tremendous red smoke haze. This would have been on third day of its burning; and in the first 3 days had grown from 200 acres to some 13,000 acres. Now it is covering 60 square miles.


High Noon!


This Ranch scene is the look of the sloping country leading into the mountains there coupled with vast and steep canyon slopes. You may have a better idea of why the Sobernas has spread so rapidly.


It's time for Miss Dottie and I to journey toward the house; so we'll see you Down the Road. In September, when we'll fire up Miss Winnie and tour the Western National Parks of Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Clear your calendars and come along for the Ride.

Come on Willie sing us another verse, and we’ll move on down the road.