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Happy 100th National Park Service

USPS !))

Hold sacerd your QTR!

We must stop and give thanks our President Theodor Roosevelt for his conversational fore site in the establishment of some of the United States vast and spectacular areas which in later years became our Nations Parks System.

Look at this 'Great Circle of our Western National Parks and Monuments. in a driving circle of 1500 to 2000 miles on can visit 10 national Parks and Monuments. Fantastic look at the beauty created by the Cup lifting of the Colorado Plateau.



We waited until September 1st to begin in hopes of missing the crowds, and giving preference to families with school children ant their use of our National Parks and mounts. But we still didn't moss the crowds. We discovered the 'Fa;; Season: to be the In Time to visit these parks. This is not to imply that the parks visitor load was unmanageable, it was not, but one certainly had to plans and move out early to beat the rush. Example: at Monument Valley when we returned at noon from our Indian tour, there were 14 Tour Bussed in the parking lot. Many Many foreign tourist enjoying the beauty of the United States, and all very respectful.

August 27 ~ November 1st and 1800 miles

This was an easy trip as we would mosey form on Park to the other and we allowed 3, 4 or 5 days for each stop. If we didn't see it today we always had tomorrow. Too, you can see from-the total distance the most days our travel between parks was a reasonable distance, so this trip was not a marathon run. We're at that age where moseying fits our life style.

You'll note two trips that were not done with the WNP trip Spaceport America is on s visit we made to NM's Spaceport. This is a 12,000 concrete runway built about 2009 as New Mexico's venture in the Space, and it's located about 30 miles from our home. Fantastic, if one needs a Spaceport. But regardless you'll enjoy our tour.

The other was a weekend trip to Carmel by the Sea. My Sister, Joann's grandson was getting married and we made this spectacular trip to the beautiful Monterey Bay. WOW some of the world lives in spender


Thanks for traveling with you this Fall and we hope you enjoyed our trip.