On the road Again Winnie

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We had planned on making a fall trip into the Deep South this year. Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas, but we hit a settle speed bump.

It seems that this summer and part of the fall instead is being spent on some medical rejuvenation. i.e. Cataract surgery. One down and one to go.

One must fight not to fall off of the traveling routine as we all know it is so much easier just to stay home. But who wants to do that.

We travel with a Shrine group of Servers known as the Nomads. Seven months of the years this group meets somewhere over a weekend for a camp-out. Back in the 1990 it was this group that whetted our appitite to using our RV. You know we people are funny, we'll quickly purchase a trailer, a 5th wheel or a motor-home, and then sit at home and look at in the driveway. We give the Nomads the credit for getting us off our butts and getting us involed in making a few of those monthly camp-outs. We were still working so the weekends were all we had, and they helped us in aquire that travel discipline. Thank you Shrine Nomads.


And so far this year we've sent some quality time in the Messillia Valley, Gallup, Santa Fe, Ruidoso, and Fort Sunmer.


We'll be returning to Mexico mid December for 6 weeks or so. We love our adopted City of Mazatlan, and again we Owners at the Inn at Mazatlan will be playing Santa for 50 or so Ninos from the El Conchi area of Mazatlan. If you'll read the story under the hyper link of Mazatan you're heart will be Christmas warmed for sure.


Little Trips this year but keep you wagons hitched and enjoy the ride.