Hop on this Ole Coach and journey with us south of Winchester through the New Forest to Beaulieu.

As we traveled from Winchester south, we enjoyed a full day of activities. First, we stopped at St Mary's Church; and if you will recall, the actual name of Winchester College is St Mary's College at Winchester. Secondly, we visited a "Tide Mill", and it was something that most of us didn't know existed. Lastly, the Beaulieu Auto Museum at the Estate of Lord Montagu.

St Marys has been the home of the Chandler Family for many years and has been very prominent in genealogy research for the Chandler Family with their records of hatches, matches and dispatches (births, marriages, and deaths). The church records go back to the Tudor times of 1621 have some 35,000 burial on the grounds.



The Warden (pastor) was most helpful even when giving camera instruction to Louanne.

The Church favored us by serving tea, and D'Ann Smith was dressed very appropriately for Morning Tea even by British standards.

Yes, please note the smiles; and this was even after the Warden had delivered his morning lecture!


The Warden and his wife sending us on our way and thanking us for visiting St Mary's Church.

The Tide Mill

Now this was a new one on most of us. What the heck is a Tide Mill? The ingenious English built these mills on water ways near the ocean to harness the power of the tide. When this tide comes in, it fills the reservoir; and then it is dammed. 'When the tide water flows out through the day, the water it harnessed is powering the water wheel and the grinding mill is in operation.

Again Errol had arranged for us to have an excellent guide to explain the working the Tide Mill, the process and the economical impact of a mill to the community.


Kyle, our builder, giving the gearing of the Mill his cautious eye.


This is a coarse grind mill stone with others stacked to the left.

This is the structure that John Chandler built; and today it houses the Tide Mill Museum.

We traveled through the New Forest to arrive at Lord and Lady Montagu Estate and home of the Beaulieu Auto Museum.

Errol explained us that the Montagu's were long established merchants and a trading family. Their interests over the years were primarily sea faring imports and slave vessels. When the automobile came to being, they were also movers and shakers in that industry. The display reminded me very much of Harold's Auto collection of years ago housed in Reno NV.




The mighty British Mini and also a very popular car in the United States. It is now called the Mini Cooper and produced by BMW.


It is fascinating to recall that when Dr John Dunlop, a veterinary surgeon, developed the pneumatic tire, that he changed history and the transportation industry. In the 1900's there were estimated to have been over a million bicycles in the US. This was the first option of travel offered other than the horse or walking. The timing was hand in hand with the industrial revolution. The Birth place of mechanical geniuses. i.e. and who developed flight? None other than the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, and what was their occupation? Yep, they operated a bicycle shop in Dayton Ohio.

I hope you read this article, and then tried to remember the first time you saw the Michelin Bibendum . I was astounded to read that he has been around since 1891, almost as long as I. I had never heard of Michelan until the mid 1960s, when they reinforced radial tires in the US. For you youngsters prior to the radial tire we used bias tires and if we got 15,000 ~ 18,000 miles on a set tires it was wonderful. Remember: Your Grandmothers admonition 'leave early enough to allow for a flat tire.' Yep, we had them and regularly ..

Now with radials we casually expect 50,000 to 60,000 miles, and a "Flat Tire" why never. We have those little donut tires just in case. !


Garrett Harder is going into this turn at full bore.


Garrett, Tom, Theresa and Kyle all just having fun. That is what life if all about. Oh! What did we find, but an eatery, where we enjoyed a delightful lunch of fish and chips, and a wee bowl of ice cream.

The Montagu Estate


WOW! I'm going Pheasant hunting again. But this time with a camera. Look at this Cock in all his majestic splendor.


What a distinguished guide we had at the Montagu Mansion. Close your eyes and you'll hear that distinctive but formal British accent.


The Estate Grounds



Beautiful Flowers and Beautiful Ladies enjoying a walk in the estate gardens. I believe the Ladies win this Show!


We'd best start back to Winchester as we've the Cathedral to visit and King Authur waits us at the Great Hall.

Come on Willlie sing us another verse and we'll be on the Road Again.

Norm & Dottie