Chandler Family UK Tour - 2018

You'll see from the Map above, that our tour covered a rather small area of England. This was the beauty of this trip. We spent our time in a small dense area exploring our Chandler genealogy. The diversity of cities and scenery was exceptional, as you will discover as you travel with us on this Tour.

Oh! On this venture don't expect long bus rides and endless i.e. 'Bags Out at 8:00am', or you will be disappointed. In the 12 days we stayed in only 6 Hotels or Resorts. Our total driving distance from London back to London was about 500 miles, and we were only riding in 'Da Bus' for a couple of hours a day. We just sat back, enjoyed, left the driving to Leigh and the worry to Errol.

The fascinating aspect of this adventure is that it was led by Errol and Susan Chandler, and the emphasis of the tour was to explore the birthplace of our roots in the Chandler Family. Too, little did we realize when we signed to make the Tour with our Chandler Cousins, that we would have these 12 unique days and one’s so exceptionally first class.  Our experience was way beyond our expectations.

Meet our Cousins and Tour Guides Susan and Errol Chandler of Cheddar UK.

My Grandmother Ida Chandler Ribble was a 10th generation Chandler being a descendant from John Chandler, who came to Jamestown in 1650 from England.  The Chandler Family Association quirked our interest in my researching our genealogy when this tour was announced. There were 18 of us in the party.  We all met at the Heathrow Airport Hilton Inn to meet each other and get acquainted.

You can say hello to our Cousins and Fellow Travelers. Wow what a collection of geographical areas we represent: Ohio, Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, New Mexico, as well as Cheddar, Sheffield and Routhwell, UK. What a terrific group to travel so interesting and intelligent.

This Group photograph was taken at Glastonbury Abbey.


Thanks for the 'RIDE' Errol and Susan.

Come on Willie sing us another verse, and we’ll move on down the road. 

Norm & Dottie