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The old Chinese Virus has had us boxed in this year, but we ended 2020 and started 2021 with the delight of being in Mazatlan. OH! What a thrilling experience to enjoy Freedom again. You might not understand this statement unless you've been in New Mexico this year 2020.

Our Governor, Michele Grisham, a Democrat, has assumed the power of a Dictator, and we've been in one phase of LOCK DOWN or another for 9 months of 2020. If we were not native New Mexicans we'd move just to get out from under her control.

Thank you Mexico for allowing us to breath and have our being. We are coming back again this December. ++

WE had expectations of visiting Fairbanks last November to view the Nortern Lights. The ole Chinese hickie change that, but this year we're on for September.

Come on Willie sing us another verse and we'll be on the road again!