“On the road again -
Goin' places that I've never been.
Seein' things that I may never see again
On the road again -
And our way is on the road again.


This is Green Bay - Packer Country

In Packer Country everything is Green and Yellow, even the Trash Containers that were out on Trash Day.

GB Trash DayTo see a larger and more detailed picture click (download). Go ahead and try it just for the fun!

Even McDonald's carries on the Green and Yellow Packer Tradition.

McDonaldsProfessional Football has been a Green Bay tradition now for 96 years; Curly Lambeau who was the Man in the beginning, and then in 1950 the Man was Vince Lombardi.

Lambeau field

Lambert Lombardi

Curley Lambeau (download) .....................................Vince Lombardi d

Dottie and Norman in Packer Land at the highest view point in the Lambeau Stadium. We attended (7) morning training sessions over two weeks, and after the 3rd session we were in the Pro Shop purchasing our Green Bay Packer stuff. That was a major transition for a couple of Cowboy Fans!

Dk & NL LambeauDownload

The 2015 Training Camp

There were 88 football players out to make the Team, and from the looks of the Coaching and the Stall each one of these young men had a chance to make the Team. Of the 88 there were 18 Free Agents. These were undrafted college footballs players, who had not been called in the Draft. But each was invited to this training session and given an opportunity to make The Team.' A note on the 2014 team 5 FA made that team. And another note in the NFL there will be approximately 1,000 players who will not make the Teams nor the Practice Squads. But what a complement that they were each recognized from their College careers to be talented enough to be invited to try out for a spot on an NFL Team. What tremendous young athletes.

You might ask 'how in the world could you sit through 7 practice sessions'? And our reply would be, it was a WOW! experience. The bleachers held about a thousand people at the Ray Nitschke Practice Field. The Players came to the field at 8:20am; but we were there no later than 7:00am, so that we could get our choice of seats. Just an idea of the crowds - on the first Saturday morning 20,000 fans were present for the practice; and on Family Night when they practiced at Lambeau Field, there were 80,000 fans in attendance. The is football country, and of course there are these 'Cheese Heads!" I remember going to a Dallas game against the Packers; and these 'Cheese Heads' show up maybe 10,000 of them. They stood up the whole game. We thought we were at an Army vs Navy College game. Man, were we happy when a timeout was called as; that was all the rest we got. By the Way the Cowboys prevailed, and that was 'GOOD". We were Cowboy Fans then.

Cheese Head

The first couple of sessions were without pads, but the intensity was the same. The Coaches would be working with their selected or position players, then they'd be running team drills. I reminded myself, that they had been working on a successful approach for 86 years; so nothing was haphazard. We found it amazing, that they had recognized the length of time that they could hold a 22 year old person's span of attention. The game clock would show 10 to 20 minutes and the Field Horn would blow, and they would be off on a practice set. When the next time was up, the horn would blow; and in just a little bit, off they would go on to something different. Then a little later the Horn would go again, and this time they would line up Offense VS defense for a position practice of say an extra point. Kicker Coaches, Offensive Line Coaches, Offensive Backfield Coaches, vs defensive line coaches, defensive linebacker coaches, safety coaches. All with pencils and pads, making notes and instructing.

Everybody loves the Quarterbacks, so let's start with them. First of all they are in RED Jerseys and nobody touches a RED Jersey, that is if they want to remain on the team. Here is, Mr. Double Check, Arron Rodgers. He was constantly playing with the football; and this was impressive, as when he was balancing it on his forearm. With his Eye - Hand coordination I bet he could be a good juggler too.

Rodgers Rodgers Balance

There were many different pieces of training apparatus used, and this one is the passing net. You'll notice a ball hitting the net, but missing the bucket on the right side.

In the Net(download)

Drill 1

Drill 2

Drill 3

Quarter Back practice stepping over blocks. Note the Coach right there on every step. This series happens to be with Rodgers, but all 4 Quarterbacks practice this exercise two or three times each. The horn would blow, and it would be off to another exercise. The Coaches never let up, nor do they allow their players to get bored or relaxed.

Blocks 1

Blocks 2

Blocks 3

Blocks 4

And Away

Blocks 4

Notice in this one Who is carrying the Blocks. Sure enough it is Arron Rodgers hauling the blocks. His work ethic is second to none, and this is the reason he commands such respect from the fellow players and his coaches.

Carring blocks

Hundley, # 7, 6' 3", 226 lbs, the 6th round draft pick from UCLA practing the Hand-off with Alanzo Harris #46, RB, 6 1', 236 lbs, FA 2015 out of Louisiana Lafayette after the others had completed their morning. We were particularly impressed with Harris, he's a big kid and seems fast. Even thought a FA invitee our guess is that he'll be one to make the Team. Hundley really showed well in the New England game. These two we predict are going to be two new Packers :)

Hundley 1

Hundey 2

Now, Harris around the Coach. Hundley starts left, and then cuts back to Harris.

Hundley 3

How about the Guy in the Trenches protecting or rushing the QB's

Pennel # 64, DT, 6' 4". 332lbs was out of Colorado State FA last year, and Bakhtiari T, #69, 310lbs, out of Colorado and was drafted in 2013. Big big kids like these on each side of the line, something is going to give!

Pennel Bankktirai

This is how they practice against each other. The offensive linemen start under a cage making them stay down, and the defensive linemen are just outside. After a couple of snaps they'll switch, and the defense will be under the cage. Again this series will last 10 ~ 15 minutes, and the Horn will blow, and they be off to practice another drill. The Coaches are keeping the Players minds working too!

Gage 1

Cage 2

While this Cage Drill is going on, just down the field another set of Coaches are working with the exercise ball and Kowalski #50 T 6' 4" 305 FA out of Villanova. When you see something happen on the field on your TV set, it will look spectacular. I promise you, that it has been practiced again and again and again on this field.


Ball 2

Now lets bring them together, and we'll play it a little more like a real game. Crosby, #2 is kicking a Field Goal, and every other player has his role and his position. Each set of Coaches is working their players, i.e. the defensive line coaches are coaching their linemen, as the Line Backer Coaches are coaching their player. This is real live practice, and immediately behind the Coaches are the next down players ready to take their turn. It is interesting to listen to a Coach bark the name of a replacement; as each coach is carrying a note book, which he is constantly referencing.

Lets Play Ball!


Stretching Time.

There may be some new ones for you to try. I noticed that the sequence of the Stretching Exercises was that the Players would come on to the field and maybe do 20 ~ 30 minutes of position plays like shown above, then again the Horn and it would be stretch time for the next 20 minutes. You could almost hear the grunts and the groans. Oh yes, the coach is the leader.

Streching 1

High Step

Stretching 3

Stretching those arms up. Coaches were unanimous in having the Players get their arms up; whether it be on offense or defense, and it was worked into the stretching too. Then it was little kid time, and we practiced the 'skipping you used to do' and of course the running side stepping and back peddling.

Defensive Backs

Sebetic # 41, DB, 6'0,' 197lbs, FA out of Dayton. First picture getting around the line block, and then in the second picture tackling the dummy. Count the Coaches, yes there are three of them.


It is practice Take Away time for Defensive Backs and Safeties. This is the equipment of this game: The Ball Dummy, the Ring and the Coaches mitts.

Banjo #34, Safety, 5' 10", 197lbs, D 2013 out of Iowa, and his objective is to fight off the Coach but get around him and tackle and knock the ball out from the dummies arm.

Circlw 1


Circle 3

The Arms are being attached to the Tackling Dummy, and the black on the right arm is Velcro. The football also had Velcro strips, and in practice there will be a football stuck in the arm. The objectives being two: make a fumble happen by knocking the ball loose and then tackling the dummy.

Dummy Arms

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is practiced every day. This may be a little difficult to see; but in the very center is the running back, and on each side the players are trying to dislodge the ball. The back may be spun around, but for sure his arms are pounded and snatched at. Fumbles don't just happen, they are forced and both objectives are practiced: Not Fumbling and Making a Fumble Happen!


Cutting through the Rye!

Backman # 86, TE, 6' 3", 245 lbs, D 2015 out of Alabama Birmingham. And we thought that Tight Ends just caught the ball. Here Backman is fighting through 3 dummies to get to the QB and knock that ball loose.

Comimg through

Coming 2

Coming 3

Coming 4

Mike McCarty

And who is watching all of this action. The "MAN' Head Coach Mike McCarty. He is everywhere.


This year the facial hair is a new addition, but regardless he is hard to miss on the field

M McCarty

I love this 'Kicking Machines,' and they get used on a regular basis. Each had a small Honda 1000 W generator for power. In this picture you'll catch the kicked ball to the left shown against the gray wall.

Kick Machine(download)

The Punter and the Punt returner. But again as soon as Ty Montgomery # 88, WR, 6'0", 216 lbs out of Sanford catches the ball two defensive backs Ripkowkji # 22, 6'1", 246 lbs, Oklahoma D 2015 and Glover-Wright # 25, CB, 6' 0", 175lbs of Utah State FA 2014 are there to harass and attempt to bat the ball away. "If it is going to happen in a game we're going to practice it"

The Return Catch, BUT........

Catch Catch

The Immediate Challenge!


Note the 'Play Chart' the Coach is holding up in the center of the field. Remember this is early in the Training period, and the boys are still learning where they are to be in the position they are playing. The use of the "Play Chart' is a continuous part of practice. The 'Red and Blue slip on caps' help identity the offense vs the defense in this practice.

Play chart

Back to Harassment Training. Again every catch, every run someone is harassing the receiver. This is the NFL, and they practice it, just like it is going to be in the real game.

Receiver chalenge

Receiver challenge 2

Nice catch, baloney, you caught it by fighting me off. Nothing is given at this level. You'll note the line judge in a referee's uniform and maybe the yard markers. All the things one will find present in a regular game are in evidence here in Training Camp.

the Catch

The Packer Tradition

In the 1950's when Vince Lombardi was Head Coach, he started the Bicycle Tradition to bond the Football Team to the Community of Green Bay. The Players suit up in their lockers in Lambeau Field. The practice field named after Ray Nicshke is 3 blocks away, and to get to the field the Player rides a bike. Now not just any bike but a bike belonging to a youngster from Green Bay. This occurrence happens every morning the players go the Field; and at the end of Practice, when they return to their lockers. Look at these bikes waiting for the Players to arrive. It took 88 bikes to get all of them to the field and back to Lambeau.

The Bikes are waiting for Players. It takes a 100



Stree ViewDownload

Here are the morning fans waiting for the Boys to show up. The Fans will begin showing up by 7:00am, and the practice starts on the Field at 8:20. We were always in our seats by 7:00 too; as we wanted our choice, where I could take these pictures. And now the Players are showing up.


Here is Ripkowski out of Oklahoma with his ride, and Hyde # 33, DB 6'0" 197 out of Iowa and his ride.

A most interesting part was the verbal intercourse between the young people and the Players. They were visiting away like old buddies. Phillips, # 77, 6' 2" 305 C FA out of Central Michigan, and Blue # 10 6'0" 188 WR FA, out of Kentucky. This is fun game the Pros play interacting with the young people of Green Bay. Hey, here they may or will be a Stockholder in due time.


My Bike Hero is Glover Wright # 25, at 175lbs. He is a little too big for the training wheels, but he still is playing the game. Tay, you're my Man! Don't you Love Lucie's Socks.

The Green Bay Packers are Tradition, and these are the Honored and have had their jerseys retired.

Hall of Fame

Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin where 96 years ago Packer Football was born. This is the NFL Team of the People, and those people live in the Frozen Tundra of Green Bay, WI

You might asked what would be of interest to sit for 4 hours on seven different occasions to see them practice. It was thrilling. In the seven days we found ourselves a part of the team and also individual players. If we had not had a commitment to the PGA Championship, we might have even stayed another couple of weeks. Thrilling experience.

Jerry Jones, we have discarded our Cowboy shirts and now are packing the Green and Gold of Green Bay. Eat your little Heart Out Baby. (Contrary to Norman's words, we are still Cowboy fans ...Dottie)

The Packer Training Camp is over for us, and the PGA is completed; so we're headed to Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Gettysburg, and Philadelphia. You've come this far, so hang on Baby we're on the Road Again.

Come on Willie sing us another verse, and we’ll move on down the road. 

Norm & Dottie

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Also in the 7 practices we made, I must have taken 1,000 pictures; and if anyone might want more just holler. Too, I have no pride of ownership; and if you want any of these for your personal non commercial use, you are welcome to download them. Or email me and I'll send you the same pictures with a 300ppi printable pixel count.