Our Final Evening of Chandler Tour in the United Kindom

Tonight we celebrate in the Grocers Hall. This was once, in the history of London, the Grocers Hall or better known as the Spice Trade Center. Here we are in our finery; and we even have a Toast Master, who lead us in toast to the Queen, the British Prime Minister and to the President of the United States. All was done in quiet humbleness and with dignity.

Let me now propose a Toast to our favorite British Counsins, who have led us across the paths of our heritage. With Me Ladies and Gentlemen " To Errol and Susan Chandler" Hear, Hear!

Errol's neice Joanne Louter, Susan and Errol, their daughter Megan Chandler Taylor and husband Patrick.


Steve and Nancy Chandler Hawthorn

Kyle and Robin Harder

Tom Wilding and Lady Norman, widow of Sir Oswald Chandler Norman

Charles Chandler Bishop with his Grandmother, Shirley Chandler Bishop, Errol's cousin from Switzerland

Patrick and Megan Chandler Taylor

Karri Montgromery and Garrett Harder

Joanne Louter and Tom Wilding

Lady Norman Oswald Chandler and Norman Chandler

Garett Harder and D'Ann Smith

Louanne Ladson and Charles Chandler Bishop

Rosemary Chandler and Theresa Willenbrink

Left: Tom and Susan Hall; right: Randy and Connie Chandler.

Left: Norman and Dottie Ribble; right: Cousins, Charles Chandler Bishop and Tom Wilding

Our UK Trip as put to verse composed by Randy and Connie and delivered after our Toasts.

We started our family journey by plane from the states 
We flew to Heathrow in London to our own individual gates
We caught the local Hoppa from Terminal 2
And traveled to the holiday inn to check in and have a brew
We soon met Errol and Susan and the rest of the crew 
then had a quick dinner after visiting the loo.

We visited St. Mary's and had tea in china cups 
While 98 year old Stan, a wee little man, sang for us.
We visited Winchester the school led by Thomas (chandler). 
Where We were escorted by a lady named Freda, who put up with no nonsense from us.  

We made a stop at the old mill in Eling 
Which had been run by John (Chandler) with hard work we had a feeling. 
We were given a tour to check out the old place
While Theresa sneaked upstairs to explore without leaving a trace. 

We looked at headstones and stuck our finger in sundials. 
As for who started the fire here?  There were only denials!

Next we went on a trip to Bath of Roman Time
But we did not bathe due to the smell and the slime

We then traveled to Bristol & saw the SS Britain which we heard was so fast
Garrett was our hero and he climbed up the mast!

Errol says the ship and the bridge were designed by Brunel
We pretty much all crossed the old bridge and Thank God no one fell!

Saturday the 18th we enjoyed time in Wells 
We were welcomed by the Crier and loud church bells!

In London; Harry and Meghan exchanged their vows
As we danced with the Mendip Morris men  and received ‘Wows!’

At dinner we celebrated 600 years of Thomas Chandler with a fruity birthday cake!
We celebrated more than 500 years after the poor fellow's wake!

On May 20th we visited Glastonbury Abby,
The place was left in a mess, but the kitchen was not too shabby.

They claim King Arthur and Guinevere were entombed here,
But the wicked King Henry was a pain in the rear!
He had the Abbey destroyed brick by brick.
And poor Richard Whiting was hung by the neck. 

Then next day we boarded our bus 
And headed out to Cheddar without much of a fuss.
Lee let us out and we walked down the gorge beside the river,
We tried many Cheddars and bought much more than a sliver.

The next morning we ate and said goodbye to the Swan,
Lee reloaded the bus with the bags one by one.
We traveled the highway over to Stonehenge.
The bus felt quite loaded because by now, we had been on quite a binge,
We all took many pictures as we circled the rocks,
They were all huge and heavy like big building blocks. 

After marching, eating, reading and resting we loaded again
And headed to our Oxford Hotel which resided by the Thames.

We prepared for dinner after selecting each course,
We ate soups and patee's and ham hock of course
And everyone enjoyed their beef, chicken and fish,
Then desert came and John got his wish.
A waiter came bearing an assortment of cheese on a plate
Accompanied by one single grape,
And I heard John exclaim as he took a big bite
What the hell have I ordered!  This just ain't right!  

We left the morning and headed to Broughton estate
It was no easy maneuver getting the bus through the gate.
We took beautiful pictures inside and out,
We all agreed the gardens were beautiful without a doubt.
They fed us a meal like the ploughmen for lunch
Scotch eggs, pork pie and Grapes in a bunch.

We are now back in London, our trip has been great.
We have met lots of family and seen a lot of the English state.
We experienced the expression of "ABC: Another Bloody Church" on that bus,
But we found something unique in each one that had an impact on us.

But now to the Chandlers we will hug and waive goodbye.
We will depart from England with a smile and a new gleam in the eye!
We have extended our family ties and knowledge across the great sea
And much more proud of being a Chandler will all of us be!



As Randy and Connie so aptly put it in verse.

But now to the Chandlers we will hug and waive goodbye.
We will depart from England with a smile and a new gleam in the eye!
We have extended our family ties and knowledge across the great sea
And much more proud of being a Chandler will all of us be!

Come on Willie sing us another verse, as we’re headed home!

Norm & Dottie