The adventure of a Norwegian Coastal Cruise and a week in Iceland this year with our family will be the wise use of our QTR . But that isn't till May, so let’s begin in Mexico in January, and from there we'll share a couple of splendid times with you.

First is our adventure to visit the Baluarte Suspension Bridge on the Durango to Mazatlan Highway. Awesome, a spectacular road construction. You'll want to come along for the ride! Durango-Mazatlan Just sit back and leave the driving to us.

Then we'll share with you a Samaritan Project in our adopted city of Mazatlan, and the school at El Conchi that has be sponsored by the Owners at the Inn at Mazatlan . You'll be delighted to see what the vacationing tourist can do besides sitting on the beach with Mr. El Sol. Come join us as we play Santa's for 300 school children, and then take 38 of them, who have been randomly selected, on a Santa Shopping Spree. Santa Shopping Your Christmas spirit will abound.

May the 14th Dottie and I will fly out to Amsterdam with two of our Grandchildren to do some local sightseeing before climbing on board the Cruise ship to tour up Norway's coastline. On the Cruise there'll be both of our daughters their husbands, and two of our Grandchildren. After the Cruise we'll will be off to Reykjavik, Iceland for a few days to savor that atmosphere.

This September we are planning on attending the Chandler Family Association meeting in Boston, and the do a Caravan New England bus tour. We know we'll not hit the 'season' for the fall’s golden beauty, but we're sure there'll be treasures to be found even in mid-September.   I guess we should call Bill Belichick and see what he advises, he seems to the most quoted person in the New England area.

Use wisely your QRT!

QTR - Quality Time Remaining

Come on "Willlie" sing us another versre we're on the Road Again.