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This has been one messed up year in the Travels of the Ribbles. Those old Chinese sure up a whammy on us by turning the world upside down with their Wuhan Virus. If I were politically correct I'd call it the Covid-19, which terminology the Chinese Communist have convinced the press to use.

But, not I so here it is the Wuhan Virus. You can stay and enjoy or leave and neither of us will know to particularly care.

We are using an old Air Force term for our Motto the rest of this year 2020. From my pilot days "What the Hell, Take a Chance"!

In September we broke out and toured Ted Turner's Armendariz Ranch. Now to put this in perspective that was only a drive from home of 20 miles, but we did venture out.

The first of November we're flying to Fairbanks to photograph the Aurora, Northern Lights. This trip is a wee bit farther like some 4,500 miles. This has been on our bucket list now for several years and now it is going to happen. Our two girls and their husbands are going with us and we'll be staying at the Chena Hot Springs about 60 miles NW of Fairbanks.

Then mid December we'll head south to Mazatlan were we have gone for the last 38 years.

Hitch up your wagons and travel with us, and if you happen to miss the flight no problem as we'll send you our Travel Logs.


Come on Willie sing us another verse and we'll be on the road again.